All the designs here at Kincavel Krosses are designed by Kell Smurthwaite and most are absolutely FREE for personal or charitable use.

All the designs at Kincavel Krosses are copyrighted to Kell Smurthwaite.

You may use, copy and/or share all the free designs, and you may change all the designs to your liking for your own use.

You may not sell any of the designs in any form or use them to make up kits.

You may sell the finished pieces for charity, but you may not sell them commercially.

You may not post these designs on your own website/blog/etc, but you may link back to them.

If you do stitch any of these designs, please  send me a photograph of your finished piece or send me a link to where I can see it – I’d love to see it and show it here at Kincavel Krosses in the Gallery of Stitches! Just leave a comment telling me where I can see it or email a photograph and the details to me at


7 thoughts on “Permissions

  1. O, I just discovered your site! I love blackwork, and now I can go on stitching, with your beautiful designs. As soon as I have finished a pattern I will show it to you. Now I don’t have time, I must go stitching!!!
    Greetings, Debbie


  2. I found your website by accident. I am so glad I did! After seeing your beautiful designs, I think I found a new passion. Thank you.


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