These pieces have all been stitched by other people and are displayed with the kind permission of the stitchers. Thank you to all of you!

If you have stitched one of the designs from Kincavel Krosses and would like to have your work displayes here in the Gallery of Stitches, please send a photograph and details to me by email at:

Starburst Biscornu:

Stitched by Sally

Stitched by Zabneedlework

Adapted and stitched by Valentine

Bibliophile Blackwork Bookmark:

Stitched on hand-dyed 16-count aida in black floss by XandraS
(XandraS dyed the fabric herself to beautiful effect)

Stitched by TiffStitch

A variation on the design by Carolyn Davies

Stitched by Karen

Blackwork Owl:

A rainbow of owls sttiched by Cleo Horsburgh

Stitched by Lisbei

Stitched by Maryse M

Stitched by Leilani

Stitched by Marianne Lingenheld

Stitched by Kirstyanne


Stitched on mint green 14-count aida in green and gold by Rose

Celtic Knotwork 2:

Stitched by Claire Middleton

Baa Baa Blackwork Sheep:

Stitched by Kayla Ralph

Stitched by Claire Middleton

Eddie Izzard: Evil Herbivore

Stitched by Emma Eynon

Stitched by Chelsea Yates

Heart Biscornu
Stitched by Agnes

Stitched by Alison Livingstone

Stitched by Ali-Cat

Bah! Humbug! Christmas Subversive Sampler
Stitched by Alison Livingstone

Bah Humbug Blackwork OrnamentStitched by Midge

Rainbow Stripe Bookmark
Stitched by Wanda

Oh, Bugger Subversive Sampler
Stitched by Evilkat

Oh, Christmas Tree!
Stitched by Kristín Magnúsdóttir

Stitched by Rachel

Stitched by Michelle

Snowflake bookmark
Stitched by Tiffany Pincombe

Stitched by Carole

Stitched by Lisa Bergin

Noel Noel
Stitched by Tiffany Pincombe

Stitched by Claire

Stitched by Tiffany Pincombe

Snow and Frost Humbug
Stitched by Michele John

Happy New Year – Festive Colourway
Stitched by Irene

Adapted and stitched as a biscornu by Karen Sharo

One Drink Woman Subversive Sampler
Stitched by Tiffany Pincombe

Stitched by Flossy

Blackwork Biscofleur
Stitched by Claire

Stitched by Bella

Stitched by Zabneedlework

Stitched by Valentine

Stitched by Baglady In Stitches

2011 Band Sampler
Stitched by TiffStitch

Bird and Blooms
Stitched by Ali-Cat

Ali-Cat finished it as a biscornu!

Stitched by Michele

Part of the design mounted as a card
Stitched by Buffylove

Floral Heart

Stitched by Paula

Stitched by Line

Stitched by Angi

Stitched by Dani

Póg mo thóin Subversive ATC
Stitched by TiffStitch

Stitched by Julie Haden

Friend Bookmark 1
Stitched by Karen

Leaf Quaker Biscornu
Stitched by Ali-Cat

Stitched by Kristín Magnúsdóttir

Stitched by Agnieszka Wardaszko

Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu
Stitched by Sheila

Stitched by Paul

Snowflake Humbug
Stitched by Alisa

Stitched by Louise Theoret for charity

Floral Biscornu
Stitched by Linda

Stitched by Andrea Grimm (colours chosen by her son)

Stitched by Ali-Cat

Stitched by Lud in the Mist

Assisi Love Squared
Stitched by Steff while in the Rockies and then sent to friends in Toronto
(it’s certainly well-travelled!)

Four Floral Tiles
One of the tiles stitched by Ali-Cat as a biscornu

One of the tiles stitched by Ali-Cat as a biscornu

Bird and Blooms Bookmark

Stitched by Wanda
(Wanda says she ran out of room for the bottom bloom, but I think she still made a beautiful bokomark!)

Holly Jolly Humbug

Stitched by Karen

Four Seasons Blackwork Band Sampler

Modified and stitched by Christina Malcolm

Tri-Face Floral

Stitched by Khalysta

Stitched by Karen Hine

Stitched by Susie Green

A Right Royal Miniature Wedding Sampler

Stitched by BagLadyInStitches

Stitched by Lori Holmes Fournier

Miniature Spring Blackwork Band Sampler

Stitched by Laura Borst

Floral Bookmark

Stitched by Carole

Stitched by Karen Hine

Stitched by Claire


Stitched by Carole

Stitched by Claire

Hands Off My Book

Stitched by Emma Joseph

Stitched by Steph Walker

Variation stitched by Amanda B

Stitched by Claire

Stitched by MiC


Adapted and stitched by Steph Walker

Don’t Make Me Kill You

Stitched by Stephanie Slack

Stitched by Jeanie Inman

Stitched by Louise Theoret

Stitched by Tiffstitch

Stitched by Jeanne Dansby

Reversible Biscornu

Stitched by Irene

Blackwork Biscornu

Stitched by Claire Middleton

Scalloped Bookmark

Stitched by Claire

Assisi Love Bookmark 1

Stitched by A Bird Is Singing To Blue Sky

Je Suis Prest Blackwork Bookmark

Adapted and stitched by Julie Haden

I Aten’t Dead Subversive Sampler

Stitched by Lori Holmes Fournier

Geometric Bookmark 2

Adapted and stitched as a towel border by Kim Ostrosky


Stitched by Penny Carlson

In Remembrance

Stitched by Gillie

Noel and Xmas Cubes

Stitched by Zabez

Noel Stained Glass Window

Stitched by Linda

Quaker Christmas Ornament

Stitched by Dani

Stitched by Steff Walker

Time For Tea MiniatureStitched by Sylvaine


Stitched by Claire Middleton

Do It

Stitched by Lisa Bergin

Vampires Should Not Sparkle

Stitched by The Stitching Reaper


Stitched by Emma Larkins

Little Samurai

Stitched by Marianne Lingenheld


Stitched by Susie Green

Outside the Box

Stitched by Jeanne Dansby

Quaker Easter Egg

Stitched by Wilma

Bog Off Subversive Sampler

Stitched by Flossy Bobbin

Whoo-hoo, Me?

Stitched by Emma Clarke

Stitched by Karen

Whoo-hoo, Me Too?

Stitched by Emma Clarke

Stitched by Trich Gleeson

Stitched by Rose

Time For Tea Miniature

Stitched by Lisa Bergin


26 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Thank you, Diane. :) I’d love to one day make a small living from my designs, but right now I’m just trying things out and getting my designs out there, trying to drum up a bit of a following for them… ;)

    On the teaching side of things, well, I’m not sure I’d be able to do that – I know so many people with far more stitching experience and capabilities than mine!


  2. *LOVE* the Eddie Izzard designs!

    On another note, what do you use to design?

    I’ve been trying to create designs of my own, and I just use graph paper and a pen. With that, I can’t really achieve the look I want. I’ve considered using some of those computer programs for cross stitch design, but I’m not sure which program to get.



  3. Thanks, Virginia. :)

    Sometimes I work on graph paper for the basic idea or motifs and then transfer them into a programme. Other times I work from scratch in the programme. The one I use is KG Stitch, which I downloaded for free, but it’s playing up at the moment – I have a design ready to publish and it won’t export – argh! I might have to download it again…


  4. Love your website.

    I would like to work in cross stitch the following:

    God Loves You and So Do I. God Bless You, Ronnie.

    Where can I find a “dictionary” if that’s where to find it so that I can work this up on aida cloth in cross stitch.

    Thank you,
    Mary Ann


    1. Thanks, Mary,

      If you’r looking for an alphabet to use, you can find them in many cross stitch magazines, books and on websites too – just pop “cross stitch alphabet” in your search engine and it will list loads. Or you can make up your own. Or you can look at the alphabet samplers I have on this website and use the letters you need, arranging them on graph paper.

      Good luck!


  5. Wow….what clever stitchers. Some lovely work here. You must be well chuffed Kell to see your designs getting stitiched up as it were…lol


  6. you’ll soon be receiving a few more photos for your gallery ^^ am busy working more of your bookmark designs, they’re just GREAT !


  7. Just found your site via mabelfigworthy,co,uk. What lovely designs and so generous of you to share them. Have chosen 4 bookmarks to go with book gifts for Christmas and some biscornus.


  8. Je viens de découvrir votre site! Que des merveilles, j’espère pouvoir broder un biscornu, ils sont tous magnifiques!
    Merci beaucoup!!
    Kises from Switzerland


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