Update on the copyright infringement…

Yesterday I posted about a copyright infringement which had been spotted by a fan (see the post HERE).

I contacted both the Etsy legal team and the owner of the Etsy store in question, and although the seller did not reply to my message, I’m pleased to say that this morning, when I checked the store, the chart in question had been removed from sale, so there has been a positive outcome.

I hope the seller feels suitably guilty and ashamed of what they did, as passing off the work of someone else is never alright, and it has been the cause of several designers quitting. I do, however, think I recognise a great many of the designs on sale in that particular store. The only problem is, I cannot say, off the top of my head, who the designers in question are, and so I cannot alert them. I will, however, be looking around the internet to see if I can spot the designs and alert the people who hold copyright for those charts, so that they can also contact the seller and have their charts removed from sale in this store.

I once again thank the eagle-eyed fan who spotted this infringement. Without her help, I would never have known that one of my FREE designs was being sold by an unscrupulous person and that people were, as a result, being ripped off.

Designers count of the good will of fans to get in touch when this kind of infringement happens, so please, if you ever spot a design you recognise being sold by someone other than the designer, get in touch and let them know – you never know how much revenue the designer is losing because of it!


Copyright infringements…

I was alerted today by an eagle-eyed fan who spotted what appeared to be one of my designs for sale on Etsy, being sold by a seller based in China. I’m sad to say that it does appear to be one of my most popular designs with only a couple of very tiny changes made to it. To add insult to injury, it is one of the designs I offer free of charge!

The person who contacted me wasn’t sure whether or not I had given permission for this person to sell my designs on my behalf, and decided to let me know just in case – I am incredibly grateful that she did.

I wish to state here and now that NOBODY has permission to sell ANY of my designs. If you ever see any of my designs for sale anywhere other than directly through me, please let me know immediately, as they are infringing my rights as the designer of the charts.

It’s this kind of flagrant abuse that has been the cause of several designers actually quitting designing charts at all.

I have contacted Etsy about the matter and hope to have if resolved swiftly.

If you think you see any of my designs for sale anywhere else, please do drop me an email and let me know, as it is only through the vigilance of others that this kind of thing can be stopped.

As always, I can be reached at the following email:


My thanks to you all for your continued support.
Happy stitching!
Kell @ Kincavel Krosses

Please be patient…

patienceJust to let you all know, throughout September and October I will still be taking orders, but they may well take longer to process as I am a) moving house (twice!) and b) having a baby, so I will be incredibly busy and will also have very limited access to the internet.

I promise that if any orders come through, I will get to them ASAP, but it won’t be the immediate response everyone is used to.

Thank you for your patience during the next couple of months!

Kell @ Kincavel Krosses


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Kincavel Krosses Featured on Become.com

Click the logo above to be whisked away to Become.com

A short while ago, I was contacted by the Pocket Change section of Become.com, asking if I’d like Kincavel Krosses to be featured on their website. Of course,  I jumped at the chance!

Well, today Kincavel Krosses is featured in their Best of the Web section (right at the top!) and I’m pleased as punch.

Go take a look at the website – there’s plenty to see and enjoy. I particularly like the Be @ Home and Be Green sections.

Oh, and be sure to say I sent you!