It’s World Cancer Day

What Cancer Cannot Do stitch view
What Cancer Cannot Do sampler £3.50

February 4th is World Cancer Day, so what better time to remind everyone that all money from the sale of the charts What Cancer Cannot Do, and Think Pink Band Sampler Bookmark, both priced at just £3.50, is donated to Cancer Research UK.

Simply email me at requesting them, and I will send you a Paypal invoice. The PDF charts will be emailed to you on confirmation of payment.

Think Pink Band Sampler Bookmark stitch viewCancer Research UK work hard to beat cancer sooner, so that some day, preferably soon, everyone who gets cancer will survive it.

You might also like to check out the Cancer Reach UK website HERE.



Update on the copyright infringement…

Yesterday I posted about a copyright infringement which had been spotted by a fan (see the post HERE).

I contacted both the Etsy legal team and the owner of the Etsy store in question, and although the seller did not reply to my message, I’m pleased to say that this morning, when I checked the store, the chart in question had been removed from sale, so there has been a positive outcome.

I hope the seller feels suitably guilty and ashamed of what they did, as passing off the work of someone else is never alright, and it has been the cause of several designers quitting. I do, however, think I recognise a great many of the designs on sale in that particular store. The only problem is, I cannot say, off the top of my head, who the designers in question are, and so I cannot alert them. I will, however, be looking around the internet to see if I can spot the designs and alert the people who hold copyright for those charts, so that they can also contact the seller and have their charts removed from sale in this store.

I once again thank the eagle-eyed fan who spotted this infringement. Without her help, I would never have known that one of my FREE designs was being sold by an unscrupulous person and that people were, as a result, being ripped off.

Designers count of the good will of fans to get in touch when this kind of infringement happens, so please, if you ever spot a design you recognise being sold by someone other than the designer, get in touch and let them know – you never know how much revenue the designer is losing because of it!

Copyright infringements…

I was alerted today by an eagle-eyed fan who spotted what appeared to be one of my designs for sale on Etsy, being sold by a seller based in China. I’m sad to say that it does appear to be one of my most popular designs with only a couple of very tiny changes made to it. To add insult to injury, it is one of the designs I offer free of charge!

The person who contacted me wasn’t sure whether or not I had given permission for this person to sell my designs on my behalf, and decided to let me know just in case – I am incredibly grateful that she did.

I wish to state here and now that NOBODY has permission to sell ANY of my designs. If you ever see any of my designs for sale anywhere other than directly through me, please let me know immediately, as they are infringing my rights as the designer of the charts.

It’s this kind of flagrant abuse that has been the cause of several designers actually quitting designing charts at all.

I have contacted Etsy about the matter and hope to have if resolved swiftly.

If you think you see any of my designs for sale anywhere else, please do drop me an email and let me know, as it is only through the vigilance of others that this kind of thing can be stopped.

As always, I can be reached at the following email:

My thanks to you all for your continued support.
Happy stitching!
Kell @ Kincavel Krosses

Back to business as usual!

JoshThis is my little Kincavel Kutie – here at last! Joshua Yul, born on 10th October by c-section (not scheduled but not emergency either – more unplanned but necessary) at 5.58am and weighing a whopping 8lbs 15oz. We’re both recovering well (our little chunky monkey is a right little guzzler!), Daddy is delighted, and Big Brother (Xander) is besotted. We officially have the easiest baby in the world – he eats, poops, sleeps and gazes around him. Only complains when we change his nappy coz he doesn’t like the cold air on his bits lol!

We moved into our new flat the day after he was born – it’s been hectic, but now it’s back to business as usual. It will take time but I’ll get there in between recovery and motherly duties.

Thanks to you all for your well wishes and continued patience.

Happy stitching, everyone!

Please be patient…

patienceJust to let you all know, throughout September and October I will still be taking orders, but they may well take longer to process as I am a) moving house (twice!) and b) having a baby, so I will be incredibly busy and will also have very limited access to the internet.

I promise that if any orders come through, I will get to them ASAP, but it won’t be the immediate response everyone is used to.

Thank you for your patience during the next couple of months!

Kell @ Kincavel Krosses


To place an order, please follow the instructions given HERE.

Thank you!

Thank you!I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored my son via my sponsorship sale. You helped us raise an amazing £70.00 in sponsorship, all of which will go towards purchasing new outdoor activities equipment and waterproof trousers for his nursery school, so that the kids can get outside to learn and play, whatever the weather.

It means an awful lot to us that you guys were so generous, and it means even more to the kids who love getting out and about – they really do learn more when they get to go outside and explore the world around them. You’ve helped make that reality just that little bit more accessible.

You guys totally rock!

I hope this picture of my little guy enjoying his sponsored activities day goes some way towards showing you how grateful we are – look at his happy little face! ALL the kids looked like that today!

Thank you so much!

Sponsorship sale!

15.01.13 - Sledging 3
Me and my lovely boy!

My four-year-old son is doing his first ever sponsored activity to raise money for outdoor equipment for his nursery on Friday 8th February. I’d never ask anyone to just give money, but I’ve come up with an idea…

Anyone who emails me between now and midnight Thursday 7th Febuary (GMT), can have any one of my designs that are for sale for just £2.00 (instead of £3.50 each), to a maximum of three designs (which would be £6.00 total). All proceeds from those sales will go directly to his sponsorship.

Just email me at with the heading “Sponsorship Sale” with your choice of chart(s) and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the total amount, I will then email you the charts once payment is confirmed and donate the money to his sponsorship drive.

Choose your charts from the ones listed HERE.

Thank you in advance!Kell @ Kincavel Krosses



As my son’s birthday is on 24th September and mine is on 26th September, I thought I’d celebrate by having a little sale.

From 00.00 on 24th September to 23.59 on 26th September (GMT), you can email me with your choice of any charts (as many as you like!) from my Folksy store and have them at the price of just £2.50 each. That’s a whole £1.00 off every chart.

The only exceptions to this are the charity sampler (What Cancer Cannot Do), as all money from that goes directly to the charity (although please feel free to order that one too!), and the Team Twilight trio, which will be £8.00 (still £1.00 off – giving you three charts at £2.00 each – what a bargain!)

This sale is not through my Folksy store*, it’s a blog-only offer, so here’s what you do:

  1. Take a look at the charts available through my Folksy store HERE.
  2. Email me between 00.00 (GMT) 24th September 2012 and 23.59 (GMT) on 26th September 2012 with your choices:
  3. I will send you a Paypal invoice for the total cost (£2.50 per chart).
  4. As soon as I have notification of payment, I will email you the PDFs of the charts you have chosen.

Only one of each chart (but yes, you can order ALL the charts if you so wish!), and the usual copyright rules regards sharing them apply.

Have fun!

* All orders made through the Folksy store will remain at the usual price of £3.50 per chart, so please make sure you email me for this special offer!

Merry Xmas From Kincavel Krosses

It’s been a wonderful year here at
Kincavel Krosses,
and I’ve loved seeing the photos of
my designs stitched by fans.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the festive charts
this holiday season;

there will be more new designs posted over the next few days and into 2012

Wishing everyone a
stitch-tastic Xmas

With love from
Lady Kell of Kincavel

Kincavel Krosses Featured on

Click the logo above to be whisked away to

A short while ago, I was contacted by the Pocket Change section of, asking if I’d like Kincavel Krosses to be featured on their website. Of course,  I jumped at the chance!

Well, today Kincavel Krosses is featured in their Best of the Web section (right at the top!) and I’m pleased as punch.

Go take a look at the website – there’s plenty to see and enjoy. I particularly like the Be @ Home and Be Green sections.

Oh, and be sure to say I sent you!

Kincavel Krosses Folksy Store

Thank you for visiting Kincavel Krosses. If you like these designs, but don’t have time to stitch any of them, perhaps you would like to buy something ready stitched? If so, please take a look at the Kincavel Krosses Folksy Store. I hope you like it!

Merci de votre visite sur Kincavel Krosses. Si vous aimez ces motifs, mais que vous n’avez pas le temps d’en broder, peut-être voudriez-vous en acheter déjà brodés ? Si oui, vous pouvez jeter un coup d’oeil au Folksy Store de Kincavel Krosses. J’espère que vous l’aimerez !

Danke für das Besuchen von Kincavel Krosses. Wenn Sie diese Entwürfe, aber nott haben Zeit, irgendwelche von ihnen zu nähen mögen, möglicherweise möchten Sie etwas bereites kaufen genäht? Wenn ja nehmen Sie bitte einen Kincavel Krosses Folksy Store. Ich hoffe, dass Sie es mögen!

Grazie per aver visitato Kincavel Krosses. Se vi piacciono questi schemi, ma non avete il tempo per ricamarli, forse vi farebbe piacere comprarli già pronti? Se è così, per favore date un’occhiata al Kincavel Krosses Folksy Store. Spero li gradirete!

Happy New Year from Kincavel Krosses

When I started Kincavel Krosses at the end of January 2010, I never dreamed I would have so many visitors and be sent such wonderful pictures of the pieces everyone has stitched. 

You have all made 2010 such a great year for me and I thank you all for dropping by Kincavel Krosses and leaving such lovely comments about my designs.

Please keep coming back, as I have plenty more ideas and will continue to produce charts I hope you will all love. And if you have stitchy friends, tell them about Kincavel Krosses too – the more, the merrier!

I wish all of you a very happy new year and all the very best for 2011.

May all your stitchy dreams come true!

With love from 

Kell at Kincavel Krosses


Kincavel Krosses Facebook Group

Thank you for visiting Kincavel Krosses. If you like these designs, perhaps you would like to join the Facebook Group. If you stitch any of them, I would love it if you posted a photograph! I hope to see you there.


Merci de visiter Kincavel Krosses.Si vous aimez ces conceptions, peut-être vous voudriez joindre le groupe de Facebook. Si vous piquez l’une d’entre elles, je l’aimerais si vous signaliez une photographie ! J’espère vous voir là.


Danke für das Besuchen von Kincavel Krosses.Wenn Sie diese Entwürfe mögen, möglicherweise möchten Sie dich der Facebook Gruppe anschließen. Wenn Sie irgendwelche von ihnen nähen, würde ich es lieben, wenn Sie eine Fotographie bekannt gaben! Ich hoffe, Sie dort zu sehen.


Grazie per la visita del Kincavel Krosses.Se gradite questi disegni, forse vorreste unire il gruppo di Facebook. Se cucite loro c’è ne, lo amerei se inviaste una fotografia! Spero di vederlo là.