Back to business as usual!

JoshThis is my little Kincavel Kutie – here at last! Joshua Yul, born on 10th October by c-section (not scheduled but not emergency either – more unplanned but necessary) at 5.58am and weighing a whopping 8lbs 15oz. We’re both recovering well (our little chunky monkey is a right little guzzler!), Daddy is delighted, and Big Brother (Xander) is besotted. We officially have the easiest baby in the world – he eats, poops, sleeps and gazes around him. Only complains when we change his nappy coz he doesn’t like the cold air on his bits lol!

We moved into our new flat the day after he was born – it’s been hectic, but now it’s back to business as usual. It will take time but I’ll get there in between recovery and motherly duties.

Thanks to you all for your well wishes and continued patience.

Happy stitching, everyone!


40 thoughts on “Back to business as usual!

  1. Wow! Is he ever cute!!! Congratulations from another Libran…may he have all the love, luck and riches of the heart that a lifetime can bear!


  2. It’s easier the second time around (for c-sections and babies!) but don’t let that make you think you are super woman! Relax and rest and let your body heal. Besides, it gives you an excuse to sit and hold the baby and snuggle with Big Brother. :-)


  3. C’est pour toujours ta plus belle création!
    That’s for ever your most beautiful creation!
    And he’s your own artwork: no one can have the same.


  4. Congratulations on the birth of Joshua! What a CUTE chunky monkey he is! Glad to hear you and he are doing well. :) Take care of yourself. I hope you heal well and get your strength back quickly. I hope you have someone who can help you out the first few weeks. :) :)


  5. Bonjour,
    Bienvenue à votre petit garçon et félicitations. Merci de nous faire partager votre bonheur. Kisses à tous les deux.


  6. well you weren’t wasting your time off anyhow!!!! lol

    beautiful baby!!!

    have fun with him but take it easy for awhile longer.

    glad you are back, missed you.

    love, angeline


  7. Congratulations for such a nice baby. He reminds me of my own daughter, who was much like him when born (except for the cold :) )
    Have fun being the only hen in the coop and don’t let your needles rust !


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