Please be patient…

patienceJust to let you all know, throughout September and October I will still be taking orders, but they may well take longer to process as I am a) moving house (twice!) and b) having a baby, so I will be incredibly busy and will also have very limited access to the internet.

I promise that if any orders come through, I will get to them ASAP, but it won’t be the immediate response everyone is used to.

Thank you for your patience during the next couple of months!

Kell @ Kincavel Krosses


To place an order, please follow the instructions given HERE.

22 thoughts on “Please be patient…

  1. now that will be very hard on you!!!   take it easy, don’t overdo things like I am prone to do.   sending angels to help you with both moves, and congrats on having a baby, that might keep you out of trouble, lol   keep stitching too.   sorry on my low income, it’s hard to buy things but I do love yur freebies!!!   they say what I want to and don’t,lol   take care of yourself and baby.   all my love, angeline      



  2. Felicidades! Congratulations on the little one! May s/he have nothing but complete love, luck, and wealth of the heart in life!

    As for the moves, just did that last year, don’t even want to think about what it would be like with a baby on the way…be careful there and take care of yourself! Don’t overwork! And thank you for all the great patterns that made me laugh on days that I didn’t think I could…

    Felicidades! Konstantina


  3. How exciting for you! Best wishes in your new place and especially with your bundle of joy! I hope all goes well for you!! Take time to enjoy your wonderful blessings! Blessings and Best Wishes, Sally Groff :)


  4. YAYYY how exciting. well not moving when pregnant. I did that at 8mths that was ugh. :) wishing you the best with both your pregnancy and your move.

    God bless


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