I Aten’t Dead Subversive Sampler

Design: I Aten’t Dead Sampler – Granny Weatherwax, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
Size: 101w x 57h
Designer: Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses

Stitch in white on black fabric for best effect.


  • This design is copyright to Kell Smurthwaite and Kincavel Krosses
  • You may use, copy and/or share this design, and you may change it to your liking for your own use
  • You may not sell this design or use it to make up kits
  • You may sell the finished piece for charity, but you may not sell it commercially

7 thoughts on “I Aten’t Dead Subversive Sampler

    1. I’d try contacting the publisher. If you tell them quite honestly that it’s for personal use only, they might well grant you permission to use the cover art for conversion (and might even be willing to send you an electronic version of it to do so). I hope you are successful! :)


    1. It’s very easy to learn. Check out some tutorials on YouTube, pick up a few bits and pieces to get you started (some aida fabric, a hoop, some tapestry needles and some six-stranded cotton) and you’re ready to go. Really, if you can write an “X” then you can stitch one, and you just keep going – one stitch at a time! :)


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