One-Drink Woman Subversive Sampler

Design: One-Drink Woman Subversive Sampler
Size: 96w x 62h
Designer: Kell Smurthwaite, Kincavel Krosses


  • This design is copyright to Kell Smurthwaite and Kincavel Krosses
  • You may use, copy and/or share this design, and you may change it to your liking for your own use
  • You may not sell this design or use it to make up kits
  • You may sell the finished piece for charity, but you may not sell it commercially

4 thoughts on “One-Drink Woman Subversive Sampler

  1. Finished it! Great idea and design Kell. It’s going to be a gift for a wine enthusiast. I think once her friends see it I’ll be making more. ;) Good thing it’s a nice quick stitch.

    Here’s a picture!


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